The beginning!

Hello Reader!

This blog is entirely a dedication to all those beautiful people to whom words are more than just words…stories are more than just pass times…and poems are more than just recitals…it is to all those who channel all their love, passion and emotion into musings and poems through these wondrous powerful inspiring tool called words…. To all those who are ready to fall in love with words , emotions and life in its entirety..!

Walk with me as we explore the unknown!


Your pal…?

When you Sang, she danced

When you cried, she wept

When you spoke, she listened

When you left, she followed

When you hurted, she cared

When you laughed, she smiled

And Yet,

When She broke, You scorned

She deserves to know

Was she your pal

Or your thrall ?

Sandhya Sadhanand

King of my forest!

Oh pal, hear my tree tale

For I was the lone black ebony

In the frosting pristine snow

And you were my King .

You gathered my leaves ,

Twisted them to crowns,

Praise! The King of my forest;

As you climbed on my branches

I sought out your hide 

And you slept beneath the shade

Of my giving tree…

But  oh my dear King ,

You woke up to chop me

For my strength and magnificence

Pieces of me made your palace

And a palanquin that befit

The King of my forest!

-sandhya sadhanand

History of the past..!

Our history goes a long way..

To the one flowery morning

You gifted me a rose;

To the the one windy afternoon

You blew me a kiss;

To the one starry night

You gave me the warmth;

To the saviour you were,

Embracing my soul;

Nevertheless Nothing lasted long

The good times nor the fake lines.

The rose withered , as the thorns pricked

The kiss melted , as the numbness prevailed

The warmth dissipated , as the frost took over

Like a metamorphosis gone all wrong

From the fluttering colourful butterfly I was

To the shrunken writhing worm I became!

They said ,

People change and colours fade.

But I never knew ,

Memories fade and misery persists!

Sandhya Sadhanand

The dog… Of sorts..

The man 

Takes a dog for a walk ,

To a garden he loves.

And kicks him real hard ,

Watches him bleed ,

And walks away smiling.

Yet, at night, under the moon ,

Expects his half dead dog

To get back home for dinner

Yapping and alert for guard.

But man,  the dog you kicked ,

Lost its ‘dogness’ this one time ;

And in its place what awaits is

A lion that wants to bite into you

For every kick the dog received!

Sandhya Sadhanand

Adios 2017 !

Another +1 to our life time

Marking neither the alpha nor the Omega

Making us neither hapless nor felicitous

Yet sealing away the past with conviction

As we eagerly agog the future 

Preparing for the inevitable

Revoking our former foibles 

Readying for a nascent new year

With its candid mix of emotions 

And bombshells, to wrench our heart!

Nevertheless we embrace you

With open hands!

Oh dear 2018… afterall;

Que sera sera..

The future’s not ours to see! 😉

Sandhya Sadhanand

Musings for blues and bliss!

Sometimes the finest way of expressing emotions turns out to be in the form of short writings and shorter musings that lick the mind and kiss the soul. People with passion and emotion anywhere on this wide world can associate to them without having to go into the  past!

Go on and take a look at some of my favourite musings from my very own collection

  – Sandhya Sadhanand

A smile and a wave!

Deep black eyes that hinted a shade of brown against sunlight staring at her from behind the curtains ,  just those eyes. He smiled and waved as he always would. His eyes divulged the smile that always played there in his lips…no matter what happened. It would be there if Sakthi kissed him fully on the lips. It would  be there even if she stabbed him with a knife right in the chest. It would linger if she bit him hard with lust . And it would still persist if the lust is overcome by a delirium and she tastes blood yet continues to suck like a cuddling baby!She knew him inside out , better than herself in fact!

There was a shift in the air and the curtains fluttered madly.  When they got back to place , those eyes were no more there . A mad panic filled Sakthi’s chest as her hands reached out towards the curtains!

“Thud” Sakthi woke up to find herself on the floor with an outstretched hand!A Harsh ray of sunlight glinted against her eyes welcoming her to reality. It was 8 in the morning and her classes start in another half an hour. Sighing , she got up and pushed herself into the bathroom.

Prof.Vaithiyanathan ,he droned on asusual. No day began without his metallic voice teaching them subjects nobody was interested in. Sakthi’s eyes shifted almost unconsciously to the last bench. There he sat , the owner of those amazing eyes looking at her as usual. His grin widened , doing naughty kissing notions and making her laugh. He was the only reason she came to class. Who would have thought this lousy guy would become her life in a matter of two years? She still remembered the day he came to her. As he got down on his knees and pulled out a rose for everyone to see and looked at her right in the eye and said those magical words!It still felt like a dream. She couldn’t imagine why she had been so silly though , throwing tantrums and insulting him in front of everyone. Yes he swept her from her feet , completely , yet she couldn’t take the rose from him when he gave it. It took him 4 months of following , begging , coaxing chiding and a lot of those smiles to win her truly! It had been worth it though , those had been the best few months of her life , that,  and the months following them . It made her feel like she was immersed in a warm bubble bath that never got cold and never ended. If this was what being in love felt like , she definitely enjoyed it.She had had a lot of friends back then though , in the blooming period of her love life. But the count seemed to dwindle down enormously after she got into that big fight with him. A nasty fight it had been , with both of them shouting and screaming , right in the class. She had been down with fever for a month after the fight. And when she got back ,all things got back to normal except for her friends. Even her bestie refrained from talking too much to her after that. But they don’t matter anymore . She’s got him and he always spends time with her ,never making her feel left alone. And he decided he wouldn’t speak to people who refused speaking to her. He had been one of the most popular figures among girls. Yet he had done it for her. That was one of the things she liked best about him , his indulgence. It was like a dream to her, to think about him , his lips , his eyes , all of him belonged to her and her alone. His eyes , “Sakthi Shanmugam” A sharp voice called out “si..sir” she managed to stammer out “can you repeat the equation I just explained?” he asked . Sakthi stared back at him blankly. “Try listening to the class once in a while Sakthi” Sakthi heard him chuckling in the back. It was not fair she was the only one who got caught lately, he might chuckle he might wink but he never got caught.Life was so unfair! Sakthi  had no choice but to spend the rest of the class looking at her Professor’s unshaven face.

Lunch was almost a blessing as she sat from across him at the table drowning once again into those eyes! He doesn’t eat or speak much of late. It’s been all smiles , hugs and kisses of late. As they were nearing the end of the recess he held her hand and lead her to their happy place. The terrace has always been their secret get-away. It had no parapet wall and they could easily hang their legs by the edge and talk about life in each others arms.They reached the top winding round those spiral stairs, panting like dogs, Sakthi turned to see her favourite view of those never ending ranges. She called him to show him the mist that enveloped the hills giving them a cold white hug , but…he was walking away from her.Far away… he kept walking away and away even after she kept calling him. She jogged after him in Fury shouting his name. Calling and calling and suddenly she realised there was nothing more under her feet but air. And that’s when he turned , gave her his smile and waved for her. Her panic melted , replaced by amusement . She stretched to touch him one last time , to check if it was the real him she knew or the hallucination as her psychiatrist liked to call him. Yet a part of her knew it wasn’t really him. Afterall she had seen the life go out of his eyes as she stabbed him and kissed him. It was not fair on his part too , though. How could he leave Sakthi behind and go somewhere else for higher studies.That was all the big fight was about. A fight that ended with a death kiss. She had been locked up in her room for a month after the incident . Only after he peeked from her curtains after a long month had she come out. People claimed she became mad but she couldn’t care less. People stopped talking to her or even pitying her. Afterall who wanted to talk to girls who smiled at vacant benches and hugged empty air. But now everything will be okay , he will take her to the place he lives now. She smiled with happy tears as the wind whipped her hair and she landed with an explosion. It was a day to celebrate afterall , his first death anniversary!

-Sandhya Sadhanand

Glory of the first Awakening!

Your first look sowed the seeds of hatred and I knew it was going to cultivate over time..

The reason though ….remained misty..

But I knew a veil to be present between the real you and the masked you!

Truth be told, I couldn’t care less

Days flew by….As foresaid the hatred embellished

 Soon enough, it stood at the verge of apathy… 

And thats when You Drugged me and Dragged me back the long way I had come….

To Tell me there was more to you

You exposed the real you…When you hurt my ego…When you killed my feelings…the monster that you were..

I hated you even more…but it wasn’t easy to sustain the same rage!

I couldn’t get back as easily as I did.

Your words rubbed me the wrong way…nevertheless it left an impression on me

Yet the fact remains you amuse me….but my mind reminds you irritate me

And that is when I understood I abhor and admire the same person….. A person whose words ate a part of me…. A part of me I prized the most… 

I regard you …..because you threw my vizard away and exposed me…. The one Man who had the guts!

And that in itself is reason enough to detest you…The Man who dares unveil me!

The irony of the whole thing though, is my nonchalance to you the whole while!You will never know the war that raged inside me…and for this I will never forget you nor will I ever forgive you!

I am on my way to building a stronger forte for myself…thanks to you! My confidence grows…you can never affect me the same way you did once…. not anymore….I am on my way to being a stronger and stranger being you cannot decipher …  

My travel has begun..and I will let you know when I reach there…and from there forth you will never see me..and I you….

I will always love you for teaching me a lesson And will hate you forever for doing the exact same thing!!

 Sandhya Sadhanand

My healer king!

I ran with a screaming soul

From the Devil that gnawed my mind

I ran with a swollen chest

From the demon that punctured my heart

I ran beholding the dangers of the world

From the Satan with the wicked sneer

I ran far and away from the misery

To escape the pain of my decaying bruises

I ran half naked and exposed

Towards a fake tranquility

I ran on and on to a desolate desert

Hoping against hope to see a Mirage of sorts

As imbecile as I was.. Absurdity took over

But my prayers were answered(or was it?)

I found myself a healer at that precise time

A hound to lick my wounds clean

A fox to whisper folly into my eager ears

A lamb to caress my scars

An expert to mend my wounds

An angel to kiss me with warmth

A reason to live..with my past

Days passed..colours faded

The hurt returned in a new dimension

My healer glared with those hungry eyes

An all too familiar chill ran down my spine

My chest heaved anticipating my next flee

As I looked at those bloodthirsty eyes 

And Asked him his true name….

A moment of eerie silence .,…


He plunged into my soul with Glee

And undid the very sutures he made

As I drowned into a deep black Abyss

The last scream that pierced my ear


laughs & sobs!

Sandhya Sadhanand