The beginning!

Hello Reader!

This blog is entirely a dedication to all those beautiful people to whom words are more than just words…stories are more than just pass times…and poems are more than just recitals…it is to all those who channel all their love, passion and emotion into musings and poems through these wondrous powerful inspiring tool called words…. To all those who are ready to fall in love with words , emotions and life in its entirety..!

Walk with me as we explore the unknown!


The doldrums

The sky has darkened and
The stars have vanished
The moon hides behind
And the high looks ruined
Don’t know why I bother clinging
Ain’t nobody returning ;
Don’t know why I bother chanting
Ain’t nobody listening !

-Sandhya Sadhanand


The toy you threw away came alive with desolation

And your newest shiny toy  is all smiles

Will you make your whilom go cold with envy? 

Will you make your latter go warm with ecstasy?

Will you wallow in Glee at your own rabidity?

Sandhya Sadhanand


Time loses all meaning

As seconds turn minutes

Minutes merge to hours

Hours become days

Blurring into another

Making no sense

Showing no reason, yet,

A prevalence in the chaos, ‘Hostility’

Remaining just as still and unyielding :

Flames hotter than the glare

Despairity ruled by diffidence

And holes deeper than chasms !

 Sandhya Sadhanand

Dangerous !

Maybe people see

But they don’t feel

Maybe they hear

But they don’t care

Maybe they know

But they don’t bother

Yet sometimes

The unrealised heart

Craves for a hand

Somewhere ; somehow ;

From someone ;

To get back up ,

In a rollercoaster ,

That will do nothing ,but

Make you throw up

Yet again…

And that

My love ,

Is precisely why ,

Hope Is Dangerous!

 Sandhya Sadhanand

The lone star

T’was Black all around

But she couldn’t care less

There were others like her

Shining and twinkling

Just a call away in the day

At her arms length in the dark

Fun and frolic all through

Day and night swiftly flew

Yet, as always ,came an end

Like a wolf howling for blood

Like the wind hungry for Havoc

Blew her to collateral galaxy

With none to wave and Twinkle

Stuck in the sinister sable space

Memories and longings ate her alive

Yet she twinkled,  the lone star

In that detached desolate galaxy…!

 Sandhya Sadhanand

Nouvelle Gallantry

Believe in the most ordinary acts of bravery 

In the courage that drives a person to own up in chivalry

In the courage that drives a person to try without a succor

And in the courage that drives a person to stand up for the other !

Sandhya Sadhanand

Alive !

Sometimes some things

Make the heart thump

Increase the pulse rate

Put ice into the system

Swivels the bowel

Numbs the feet

Messes the brain

For good or for bad

The body knows nothing

Yet as your breath calms

Your heart beats

Your neurons stir


You are alive ;

Gear up and shout ;


“What Doesn’t Kill Me

Makes Me Stronger!”

-Sandhya Sadhanand

Your pal…?

When you Sang, she danced

When you cried, she wept

When you spoke, she listened

When you left, she followed

When you hurted, she cared

When you laughed, she smiled

And Yet,

When She broke, You scorned

She deserves to know

Was she your pal

Or your thrall ?

Sandhya Sadhanand

King of my forest!

Oh pal, hear my tree tale

For I was the lone black ebony

In the frosting pristine snow

And you were my King .

You gathered my leaves ,

Twisted them to crowns,

Praise! The King of my forest;

As you climbed on my branches

I sought out your hide 

And you slept beneath the shade

Of my giving tree…

But  oh my dear King ,

You woke up to chop me

For my strength and magnificence

Pieces of me made your palace

And a palanquin that befit

The King of my forest!

-sandhya sadhanand